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MTM International, with its partner Champagne Auctions, organizes its own auctions while making its expertise in evaluation available to Canadian and international clients for over 10 years.

Whether it is for stamps, coins, watches, antiques or artworks, all our auctions are specialized in a sector or a specific theme in order to offer our customer base the best and the most enjoyable experience possible.

Becoming a MTM International customer means sharing our networks made up of the major players in the industry. We constantly innovate our communication process through traditional means thanks to our partners in the press, specialized magazines, popular digital media platforms, specialized sites or by diffusing impactful videos.

All of our auctions share this modern vision and are all broadcasted LIVE on the web using one of our partners SWAPPY where our customers can watch live and bid live, wherever they are.

These last two points are also particularly advantageous for our consignees by allowing them to obtain an optimal impact with the maximum of customers available from all around the world.



When you decide to divest of some of your assets, the first step is to have them evaluated by using this form there.

After, we can offer to buy them from you or register them in one of our specialized auctions.


What is consignment?

When you list one of your assets in one of our auctions, you choose to entrust us with your goods until the sale. We guarantee we will keep them in perfect condition and we assure you that we will take care of it contractually.

We will describe the condition of the items, take photos, include them in our catalogs and promote them in one of our numerous advertising campaigns.

All items will be auctioned live and through our online sales partners, which allow all potential customers and collectors around the world to participate in the auction.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.