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Stamps and coins have been the core business at MTM since our founding in 1984.

While stamp collecting is no longer the very popular hobby it once was, especially in North America,

there is still a good market for rare stamps.

We are actively seeking advanced collections from collectors and estates, for sale in our auctions.

MTM is also purchasing Canadian and certain foreign Mint (unused) stamps for use as postage.



Stamp Bluenose
Year 1929
Value 245.00 $
Description Canada Stamp  #158 - Bluenose (1929) 50¢
Stamp Canada #7
Year 1855
Value 1200.00 $
Description Canada Stamp  #7 - Jacques Cartier (1855) 10d - Fine faulty
Stamp Canada #5
Year 1855
Value 1000.00 $
Description Canada Stamp  #5 - SCOTT (1855) 6d - Tiny Fault - Fine
Stamp Canada #1
Year (1851)
Value 800.00 $
Description Canada Stamp #1 - Beaver (1851) 3d


direct sale


1. Assessment: Bringing your stamps to our Montreal store is the fastest and most effective way to sell your stamps After a thorough and professional inspection of your stamps, our specialists will present you with a fair and competitive offer.

If possible please bring; Original box, documents, packaging materials and a valid ID.

If you prefer to start the process online, you can send us an free evaluation describing to the best of your ability the item while including a photo. However, in order to give you an accurate quote, we will eventually have to see the item in person.


2. Proposal: Once we have inspected your stamps , we will make you an official proposal. We will base our proposal and prices on the condition, brand, grade and above all authenticity. If we do not accept your item, we will return it immediately and intact. You will not be charged for the evaluation.


3. Acceptance: If you are satisfied with our proposal, depending on you choice we will pay you either in cash or by check.


Do not hesitate to contact us for an evaluation, our experts will be delighted to share their knowledge with you and offer you the best deal possible in accordance to the daily price of the market.


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